The reopening phases of the Moulin Rouge

Hardly any other casino is as well-known as the Moulin Rouge. The traditional establishment in the was closed in 1955 and fell into disrepair in the following decades. Now a group of American investors has decided to renovate the Moulin Rouge and bring it back to its old size and popularity. The group plans to invest approximately $ 1.6 billion in the renovation under the name Las Vegas Moulin Rouge LLC.
Refurbishment takes place in three phases
In order to successfully carry out the renovation of the casino, which has been closed for more than 64 years, the plan of the investor group does not only envisage the investment of approximately 1.4 billion euros. The planned maintenance should also be carried out in three stages according to a meticulously defined plan. Before the renovation can begin, investors must first buy the building. The price of the property is approximately $ 9.5 million, with the purchase being processed through a trust account in early August. If the building is then in the possession of the investors, the repair and renovation of the property should take place and not only the casino should be renovated. In addition, a hotel, restaurants, a shopping centre and various leisure activities are also to be established.
The sheer size of this project makes it necessary to divide the renovation and revitalization of the Moulin Rouge into different phases. In the first phase, the hotel located in the building with more than 400 beds is to undergo a complete renovation. In addition, a sports betting lounge, a pool with bar, various restaurants and the shopping centre are to be opened. Since the Moulin Rouge is historically significant for Las Vegas and the development of casinos worldwide, the integration of a 5000 m² Moulin Rouge Casino Museum is also planned. As in the 1950s, the facade of the casino is supposed to shine again in neon lighting on a broad front and thus remind of past times.
In the second phase of renovation, investors plan to expand the premises of the Moulin Rouge. For this purpose, several additional game levels are to be created. As well as other additional retail spaces for restaurants, shops and leisure activities such as a showroom and a musical jazz center. The latter alone should each have an order of magnitude of 1200 or 200 seats. In order to utilize the area as perfectly as possible, the construction of a second hotel tower with 1000 rooms, the extensive allocation of additional parking spaces and the construction of a congress center are planned. So you want to make the Moulin Rouge attractive to a large number of visitors away from the pure casino operation. This expansion of the offer will be the Las Vegas Moulin Rouge LLC. again approx.
The last phase of the revitalization includes the expansion of the area by purchasing neighbouring properties and real estate. On this additional construction area, an entire street should be converted into a shopping street and additional office and business premises will also be offered. The absolute highlight of this expansion is to be a newly built arena for events and sporting events with 12,000 seats. Of course, this planned expansion comes at a price. With a planned investment of $ 800 million, the final phase of reviving the Moulin Rouge is also the most expensive.

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